Thank you for considering to donate to

You can donate to help fund the server, so we could stay online! 

Brief description of

- 10builders10tools is a survival Minecraft anarchy server, with at least 2,000 players have joined. The present map is approximately 10 gigabytes in size. The IP is 

Why should you donate to

If you are a player on our server you would know that in order to kept the server running, we need to pay for the server approximately 27$ per month (The VPS server and the domain

Is there any donation perks from donating?

Yes! We have donation perks just like any other servers. We use a donator system, so it would be simple to understand. Here are the list :D

1. Donator 1 - This will give you simple in-game perks, such as getting your own namecolor (/nc command). 

2. Donator 2 - This will give you more in-game perks, such as getting your own a name color, and a nickname command, which you can change it at anytime!

How can I donate?

You can click on the packages which we provided, if you want to donate your own amount. Please click the custom amount package. 

Thanks for visiting and playing our server, hope you have a good experience on is not affiliated with Mojang. Do not ask Mojang about 10b10t, they cannot help you. If you have any questions, please email to [email protected] or join our discord server,